Browse & Diarise(Electronic)

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It is the offline mode of diarizing any Inward correspondence/DAK.

The user browses the already scanned Inward Correspondence/DAK  from the system and then uploads it into the eFile. It's then  diarized by entering the relevant fields to generate a receipt having a unique diary number. Diarization is done for tracking purpose only.

 Electronic:In Electronic Module the browsing or uploading of the scanned document is mandatory and then the Diarisation of scanned correspondence is done.
 To Browse and Diarise the Electronic receipts user has to perform the following steps:

1. Click on Electronic link in Browse & Diarise section under the Receipts module.
2. Select the receipt and click on the Upload File button from the Browse and Diarise screen. A File Upload dialog box appears.
3. Enter the essential details in all the mandatory fields in Browse & Diarise Page.
4. Click the Generate button on Browse and Diarise page to generate a unique Diary number. As a result, the receipt gets generated along with the specified  metadata.

 • Generate & Send button: To generate a unique Diary number and Send it to the intended Recipient (Fig.eFile.1).

 •  Generate & Copy button: To generate a unique Diary number and creating a Copy of it (Fig.eFile.1).