Officer Dispatch - Sent

Officer Dispatch section helps the user to view the issues that has been dispatched by them to the concerned recipient.
  Sent: It contains the list of correspondence(s)/issues that are Issued/Dispatched by the officer.

If the status of the Issue or sent draft is:

Issued and Sent: Refers to when the DFA has been sent by the officer to DND section but not dispatched finally by the DND section.

Issued and Dispatched: It refers to when the DFA that has been sent to DND section has been finally dispatched.

Issued and Returned: It refers to when the sent DFA has been returned back to the officer by the DND section.

 Quick Actions: - There is one useful link given under Officer Dispatch as:
  Action Detail -It facilitates the user to view the actions done at that moment on the Letter/Correspondence received.