File Created - Draft

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It includes files whose File numbers has not been generated and kept as draft to work later on.
The steps to view Drafts file are as under:

1. Click on Draft link under Created section of Files to view all the draft files created. As a result, Draft Files screen appears(Fig.eFile.1)
2. The actions provided under Drafts Section of file as highlighted in the above Fig .eFile.1 :
   • View:  Click on View option to list the Files (Physical/Electronic) depending upon its current state.

    Physical :By clicking on Physical option , a user can view all the physical files.

    Electronic :By clicking on Electronic option , a user can view all the electronic files.

    View All :By clicking on View All option , a user can view all the physical as well as electronic files.

   • Delete:  Click on Delete option to delete the selected files.
The Files in the Draft option can be deleted and sent to Recycle Bin using Delete link