Notification - Reminder Received

This link contains all the reminders/notifications that have been set by other eOffice users.User can further mark the received reminder as ‘Mark as Read’ or even can ‘Delete’ the reminder.
 The steps for Receiving a reminder are as under :

1. Click the Inbox link Issue under Files section .As a result Physical/Electronic files appears.(Fig:eFile.1)
2. Select the file on which action needs to be performed.(Fig:eFile.1)
3. Click the action Send link in order to send files to the recipients.(Fig:eFile.1)
4. Fill the required details and set reminder by clicking the Set Reminder link. (Fig:eFile.2)
5. Click the Send button.(Fig:eFile.2)
6. Click the highlighted image (Fig:eFile.3)
7. Select the file on which action need to be performed.(Fig:eFile.4)
8. Click on Notify action.(Fig:eFile.4)
9. With Recipient user Login, Click on Reminder Received under Notification . (Fig:eFile.5)
10. As a result, files received files viewed in screen (Fig:eFile.5)