Notification - Self Reminder

This tab contains all the reminders/notifications that have been set by user for themselves or for other eOffice users.
 The steps for creating Self Receiving are as under :

1. Click the Self Reminder link under Notifications section .As a result Physical/Electronic files appears.(Fig:eFile.1)
2. Select the file on which action needs to be performed.(Fig:eFile.1)
 3. There are four actions provided under Self Reminder section:

  Notify:  This facilitates the user to notify the recipient regarding the reminder that has already been set. An alert will be sent to the recipient’s Reminder Received module when applicant notifies the reminder.
  Close:  This facilitates the user to close the reminder if target has been achieved or if no longer required.
  Discard: This facilitates the user to discard the reminder if it has been set by mistake.
  History:   This facilitates the user to view the reminder history, which comprises of Serial No, Date, Status and Remark.