Inbox - Actions on Opened Receipt

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 There are some actions provided while opening Receipt Inbox:

  • Send:  Helps the user to send a particular receipt/s to one or more recipients at a time.
User cannot forward physical and Electronic receipts simuntaneously.
  • Reply:   Helps the user to reply to the sender of the Receipt.
User has to select the receipt for which reply has to be sent.
  • Put in a File:  Helps the user to attach a receipt/s within a concerned file.
  • Copy:  Helps the user to copy the metadata fields automatically and send it.User can edit the metadata fields and after clicking the Generate  button a new Receipt no. will be allocated to the copied receipt.
This option can be used for the files which has already been created or the files which has been marked to the user.
  • Dispatch:  Helps the user to Dispatch a receipt.
If user click on Dispatch By Self button, then the physical receipt will be dispatched that same moment and also the receipts gets closed and moves to ‘Closed’ section of receipt.

If user click on Dispatch By CRU button, Dispatch Option section appears which shows ' Dispatch By CRU Details'. By choosing a CRU User(s) from the list a user can dispatch it to the concerned CRU.
  • Details:  User can use this option to view the details of the generated receipts
  • Movements: User can use this option to track the Movements’ of the receipt which automatically gets updated as Receipt moves further.
  • Edit:  User can use this option to edit the Metadata fields of the Receipt by Clicking the Edit link ( ), as a result the Metadata fields get active.

Editing of the metadata is possible after every movement of the receipt, except, Received Date, Diarised Date, Letter Date and Delivery Mode.

  • Close:  Helps the user to close a receipt.
The receipt in which draft is created and not been dispatched cannot be closed. For that draft needs to be dispatched first then the receipt can be closed.
  • View Draft : User can use this option to view the drafts that are already created.
 View Draft option is available in Electronic Receipts only, as in Physical receipt it is directly dispatched to the concerned authority or to the CRU section.
  • Attach File : User can use this option to view the drafts that are already created.
  • Attach Receipt : User can use this option to attach the working receipt/document with the other Receipt(s)/Document(s) irrespective of the receipt nature. This link is visible when user opens the receipt from Receipt Inbox/Created.