Module Search

This type of search allows the user to search the Receipt/File/Dispatch from within the application module only.
For example
– To find any receipt lying under Receipt inbox, user first has to select Receipt Inbox module and then can search for that particular receipt. If in case user has selected Receipt inbox module and searching any File or any receipt which is not in receipt inbox, then Module Search won’t allow the user to give the required result.

For module search process, the user needs to perform the following steps:

1. Select the application module from which the user want to search, as shown in Fig.eFile.1


2. Enter the receipt number in Module search field which user want to search, as we have chosen Receipt Inbox module, and click the Search button.(Fig.eFile.2)

3. As a result, Search result appears, as shown in Fig.eFile.3.

•If the searched file is received physically (P), then user first need to receive it by clicking on receive link, only then action can be performed further.

•If the searched file is received electronically (E), then user can directly perform any action.