Only Admin has access to this module. In case, an employee is transferred, Admin can transfer his/her data (Files/ Receipts) from his/ her account to any other particular employee’s account. Then onwards the transferred data will be worked upon and handled by that employee.


To Transfer the data, Admin has to perform the following steps:

1. Click the Transfer link under Settings section.As a result, Transfer Initiated page appears as shown in Fig.eFile.1
2.  Click the Initiate Transfer link (Fig.eFile.1) against the Employee Name, whose transfer has been initiated and his data is to be transferred.
3. As a result Transfer Details page appears.Enter details to filter search for the Data (Files/ Receipts) under selected employee, to be transferred to another employee. Click on Search  button.
4. As a result, list of available data appears.Select the data to be transferred.
5.Enter the employees name in Transfer To, to whom the data is to be transferred.
6.  Click on Transfer button.
7. As a result, the data will be transferred with a message Successfully Transferred. It will now appear in the Inbox of the Employee whose name was entered in Transfer To field.The transferred employee’s account will now show no data.