Noting - Create Yellow Note

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It facilitates the user to view the noting By Name and By Date or All the noting together

To add a Yellow Note , User has to perform following steps:

1. Click on Add Yellow Note link .(Fig.eFile.1)
2. As a result noting becomes active and user can add note on it.Click the Save button. As a result, Yellow Note get saved.
3. After the note is saved, user can perform any of the following options as per authorization.
    • Edit : A user can Edit/Modify the Yellow Note.
    • Discard : A user can Discard the Yellow Note.
    • Confirm: A user can Confirm the Yellow Note.

     • Once the Yellow Note gets confirmed, noting gets finalized and saved to main Green sheet Noting of File.

     • At a time only one noting is active, either Yellow Note or Green Note.