Receipt Acknowledgement

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 Acknowledgement option contains all the receipts that are diarized by the user for which an acknowledgement can be generated.
 To generate an acknowledgement user has to perform the following steps:

1.  Click on Acknowledgement link under the Receipts section to view all the receipts that can be acknowledged.
2.  Select the receipt on which actions needs to be performed as shown in highlighted checkbox.
3.   There is 2 actions provided under Acknowledgement Section of receipt as highlighted (Fig.eFile.1)
 View:   This link helps the user to view the details of a selected receipt.
This option can be used for the files which has already been created or the files which has been marked to the user.
 Edit:  This link helps the user to generate an acknowledgment for the selected receipt.
While editing the content of acknowledgement,a user can click on Save /Print/Back
 As a result, the Acknowledgement is saved at the specified location in Pdf format. Now user can open it and make necessary amendment and can revert back as  acknowledgement.