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 Sent option contains a list of all the receipts that are sent as an outward correspondence.
The steps to view Sent Receipt are as under :

1. Click Sent receipt under the Receipts section to view all the Sent receipts, by. As a result the, Sent Receipts screen appears(Fig.eFile.1)
2.  Select the receipt on which action needs to be performed.

Nature of Receipt can be verified from the character E and P which is written before the receipt number. Character 'E symbolizes Electronic Receipt whereas character P symbolizes Physical Receipt.
3. There are 4 Actions provided under Sent section of Receipts:

 Send:  User can use this option to send the receipt to the intended recipient.
 View : User can use this option to list the Files depending upon its current state. i.e. (Physical, Electronic, Followed Up, All)
 Copy:  Helps the user to copy the metadata fields automatically and send it.User can edit the metadata fields and after clicking the Generate  button a new Receipt no. will be allocated to the copied receipt.
 Reminder: This link helps the user to set reminder/notification for themselves or for other eOffice users. Reminders can be set from Receipt Inbox or while sending a receipt to other eOffice user