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 Closed option contains a list of all the receipts that are marked as closed from the active files.
 To Re-open any Receipt (Physical or Electronic), user has to perform following steps:

1.  Click on Closed link under the Receipts section to view all the closed receipts. As a result , Closed Receipts screen appears as shown in Fig.eFile.1:
2.  Select the receipt which needs to be Re-Open by clicking on the highlighted checkbox.
3.   There is only 1 action provided while opening a particular Closed receipt (Physical/Electronic).Click on Reopen link( Fig.eFile.1).
  As a result,Alert box appears (Fig.eFile.2)
 Reopen:  User can re-open the closed receipt anytime by clicking the Re-Open option.
4.  Enter the remarks and click the OK button to finally Re-open the closed receipt and so the receipt moves to the Receipt Inbox of the user.