Create New

 Created option contains a list of all the receipts that has been diarised by the user but not being marked/sent. User can view all the created receipts, by clicking the ‘Created’ link under the Receipts  section.

The steps to view Created Receipts are as under:

1. Click the Created link under the Receipts section to view all the created receipts. As a result , Create Receipts screen appears (Fig.eFile1)
2. Click on the checkbox corresponding to the receipt (P/E) on which action needs to be performed.
3. There are 5 Actions provided under Created section of Receipts:
 Send:  User can use this option to send the receipt to the intended recipient.
 Put in a File:  User can use this option to attach the generated receipt to a concerned file.
 Copy:  User can use this option to copy the metadata fields automatically and send it to other eOffice user. User can edit the metadata fields as per requirement and after clicking the Generate button a new Receipt no. will be allocated to the copied receipt.
 Dispatch:  User can use this option to Dispatch a receipt.

If user wants to dispatch a receipt from the Created section then the receipt will first move to inbox of that user and then from there it can be dispatched.
 View:  User can use this option to list the receipts depending upon its current state. i.e. (Physical, Electronic, All)